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About​ Us

The norvalex Group consists of a number of companies which has been started and are run by Director, Alex Norval​.

In terms of the companies in the Group, they cover a range of activities and functions including (but not limited to):

  • Management Consulting specialising in: 
    • solving problems relating to financial crime at Financial Institutions​
    • performing forensic investigations on large data sets
    • business analytics and creating management reports
  • Designing, building and implementing software solution specifically in the areas of:
    • rapid application development
    • website design
  • Investment and finance activities relating to:
    • property investment​
    • angel investment
    • providing finance options to SMEs
We are always looking for new opportunities to assist clients by solving complex problems and providing them with the tools and solutions that they require.

Similarly, we will consider any worthwhile investment/finance opportunities to see if it would be of further interest to us.

Contact Us

Please cont​act us directly if you have any questions at this stage.

mobile: ​+44 (0) 7972 232520​